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Equine Swimming Pool in Redmond, WA


Indications for Use​

  • Non-impact cardiovascular condition

  • Rehabilitation following injury or surgery (may allow rehab to begin up to 10 weeks earlier than without swimming)

  • Recovery from orthopedic injuries

  • Conditioning and cross training horses for intended sport

  • A break from routine exercise

Horse Aquatic Therapy


Used to heal the equine athlete without bearing weight, this treatment is important for equine rehabilitation and conditioning of sport horses.

This is an aerobic exercise that enables development and/or maintenance of cardiovascular fitness without weight-bearing and thus is an important component of most rehabilitation and conditioning programs. The horse is completely non-weight bearing which unloads the joints and soft tissues and eliminates ground reaction forces.


The Pegasus swimming pool is 15 feet deep. It is kept at 60 degrees which prevents the horse from overheating during intense exercise and causes vasoconstriction which decreases inflammation and pain.

Contact us to learn more about our equine swimming pool.

Benefits of Use:


  • Enhances range of motion

  • Increases muscle development

  • Increases stamina

  • Increases the development of fast twitch high-oxidative muscle fibers which reflects improved aerobic capacity

  • Increases blood circulation•Stimulates healing process

  • Decreases joint stiffness

  • Decreases locomotor disease

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Relieves pressure on joints, bones and ligaments

  • Provides resistance to ensure thorough workouts

  • Maintains cardiovascular fitness

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