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Equine Bone Scan - Nuclear Scintigraphy

Nuclear Scintigraphy

Equine Bone Scan

Nuclear Scintigraphy (bone scan) is used to detect areas of increased bone activity within the body that may be indicative of fractures, stress fractures, overriding dorsal spinous processes, and osteoarthritis. The amount of radioisotope that is present in the skeleton is detected with a gamma camera. The resulting image is similar to temperature map-sites in which increased radioisotope uptake appear brighter.

In sport horses and racehorses, nuclear scintigraphy is an excellent tool because it can detect stress fractures that may not be easily detectable by other common x-rays.


  • Detect increased bone activity

  • Help identify fractures, stress fractures and more

Equine Bone Scan from Pegasus in Redmond Washington

Increased radioisotope uptake is represented by the darkest areas in the images below.

Contact us to learn more about our nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan).

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