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Heal Tissue Injuries more Efficiently

Stem cell therapy is a newer therapy which has shown extreme promise in healing tissue injuries and more recently has shown promise in treating laminitis. Research is ongoing and Pegasus will be part of upcoming research in partnership with Colorado State University. In 2015, Colorado State University veterinarian,Dr. Wayne McIlwraith received $65 million to further his research. The Thoroughbreds will be the animal used in the research because they respond to therapies similar to humans, are trackable through the Jockey Club Registry, and are well taken care of. 

Stem cells have the ability to replicate and differentiate into a diverse range of cell types found throughout the horse's body. Mesenchymal stem cells appear to have the greatest potential for regenerative medicine. Studies have shown that the younger the stem cells, the more potential they have to heal and regenerate tissue. 

Stem cells are derived from bone marrow in the horse's sternum or the tuber coxae or in smaller concentrations in fat. A laboratory process cultures the marrow and expands it into millions of stem cells. This process takes up to a month and then the stem cells can be injected into a soft tissue injury or joint. The stem cells promote healing in the affected site. We are striving to learn more about stem cells and their potential in veterinary medicine.


  • Heal tissue injuries more efficiently

  • Treat laminitis

  • More to come

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