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The Surface

Polytrack is a wax-coated synthetic surface composed of polypropylene fibers, rubber, and silica sand, which was designed as the safest surface for the racing industry. Compared to dirt tracks, Polytracks have 50% less injuries. This is important for young horses learning to race.


This surface offers the best safety for a horse of any surface by giving it full traction all the time. Reducing the slippage minimizes the chance of leg injuries which are the most common injuries of the horse. Polytrack also offers the benefit of no kickback making the footing similar to grass.


Pegasus has used Polytrack on its racetrack and arena since it opened in 2004. Our track was completely renovated in the summer of 2015.

Benefits for Use

•Provides secure equine footing which improves the horse’s confidence and performance

•Very good energy return with sound root structure

•Cushioning effect of the wax surface reduces injury risk

•Remains consistent during inclement weather

•Dust free

•No irrigation system required

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