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Breaking & Training

While there are basic principles that apply to breaking and training horses, at Pegasus we focus on an individual approach along with our exclusive cross-training method. From the 5/8 mile training track, to the indoor arena, our horses are trained on the Polytrack® surface, giving the horses a kinder surface to help prevent injury and maintains uniformity during varying weather conditions so that we never miss a day of training due to weather.


All horses are not made equally & require special handling tailored to fit the individual traits and talents of the equine athlete. With young horses, we prefer to use the term teaching. Teaching allows us to ease these inexperienced horses into the breaking process by gaining the horse's confidence and eliminating trauma often associated with breaking.


Following breaking, Training is also tailored to fit the individual equine athlete. The young horse not only has to exercise, but also must become comfortable with the substantial weight of the rider. A younger horse is typically ready for daily gallops after two to three weeks.


Pegasus has developed an exclusive cross-training method for advancing each equine athlete to its fullest potential.



  • Builds strength, speed and endurance, in ways that cannot be achieved through single-mode training.

  • Places less stress on muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Reduces the risk of injury from continuous, repetitive impact.

  • Develops the entire body, rather than selective muscles.

  • Prevents joints and muscles from “locking in” or adapting to repeated movements.

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