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Remove Active Swelling

Game Ready combines cold and compression therapy to prevent and remove any active swelling when it occurs. It minimizes damage following injury and helps equine athletes heal faster during rehabilitation. The cold has a local anesthetic effect that can significantly reduce pain and inhibit reflexive muscle spasms in the horse. Early use of cold therapy can reduce primary bleeding through vasoconstriction and vasodilation, both of which inhibit swelling. The reduced tissue temperature will lower the metabolic rate of both the involved and uninjured cells, decreasing their demand for oxygen.


Simultaneously with cold therapy, Game Ready uses active and adjustable compression to eliminate swelling. Compression causes the horse’s muscles to contract and relax to push fluids and edema through the lymphatic drainage system. In addition, compression drives the cold therapy deeper into the tissues for longer lasting effects.

Contact us to learn more about Game Ready.


Decreases swelling, pain and muscle spasm

• Encourages blood flow carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients to damaged sites

• Form fitting for even distribution of cooling and compression

• Dry application minimize skin irritation such as cracked heels

• Accelerates healing

Horses are accompanied by a trained Pegasus staff member any time they use Game Ready. 

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